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Te Whare Taonga o te Ūrupa | Bolton Street Cemetery Museum.

Te Whare Taonga o te Urupā | Bolton Street Cemetery Museum was developed by Trestle Creative and opened during Wellington Heritage Week 2022. The museum displays are housed in the replica Anglican mortuary chapel building off Bolton Street. The museum is open daily 10am-4pm, and admission is free.

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© Trestle Creative

The exhibition focuses on sharing stories of people buried in the cemetery and those closely connected to its history. Their life stories help to connect visitors with the cemetery and our history. Over 30 people buried in the cemetery are featured in the displays.

The museum was a passion project for the Friends of Bolton Street Cemetery who have an over 50 year history advocating and caring for the cemetery. Additional support was provided by Wellington City Council who own the building and manage the cemetery. The project was designed by Trestle Creative.

The project was awarded a Lotteries Heritage and Environment grant which supplemented funding provided by the Friends of Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington City Council and private donations.

Lara Simmons

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Left image: Rita Angus’ painting Flight was inspired by the cemetery. A book in the exhibition tells the story of how Rita’s sketches were used to reunite this marble angel with her pedestal 50 years after they were separated.

Right image: Each display highlights specific people associated with the cemeteries history. Handwritten notes were used to draw out personal details that would connect visitors

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© Trestle Creative

The table in the centre of the museum space features unique stories of people buried in the cemetery. Illustrations and handwriting by Pippa Keel were used throughout the displays to personalise the stories and bring them to life.

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© Trestle Creative

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A 3D map of the cemetery can be used to locate a specific grave.


© Trestle Creative

Some of the memorials and markers from the cemetery are displayed in the museum.

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© Trestle Creative

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